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Decorating Your Home With Native American Style


dreamcatcherDécor is something that, though seeming trivial, can change a space and engage people with their environment in ways that would never have been thought of before. When you walk into a space, you see what is there. Even if you are someone who claims to not care about décor, it is something we all instinctively notice and something that can completely change our experience as we interact with the space.

Native American Style Decor

If you are in a room that is filled with pieces that were just put together without any thought, just for the sake of “functionality” you lose so much of the importance just the feeling of comfort can give. As an architecture major, I understand how much a space influences our daily lives without us even knowing it. Sitting in a room and seeing how items work together and how it makes you feel changes your mood and how you feel around other people. When a space doesn’t feel comfortable it translates to the people’s moods and affects how people interact with each other. Adding décor to a space is an easy way to express one’s personality and creativity. It is an outlet for people to show who they are and for people to have control over the way their space makes themselves and others feel.

Colors also have a big impact on people’s moods. If you walk into a room that is very dark and shaded with little light or bright colors it puts you in a calmer, darker mood. Having a room that is filled with light and adds pops of color can promote productivity and lift people’s moods. When you walk in a hospital, a school or an office you see different types of décor. These are minimal things you might not notice, but without it, these places would feel dull and lifeless and would promote a negative mind.

Small things like art, a rug or Navajo style quilts can completely transform a place from functional to beautiful. Just having these small details can make people want to return to a space and provide inspiration for day to day lives. Décor is something can be very simple or very complex, something that can be overlooked or the center of attention. Either way, it is something that whether we notice it or not, it changes our day to day lives for the better and is something that should never be forgotten.