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As a human, we taste most of the things in our lives by a sense of sight. This sense led us to experience new things, and to the creativity in displaying objects in various fields as in the decor world. The decor is known as interior decoration and it is a vivid representation of a number of different and related conceptions, which are designed by designers to transform the interior space into a dynamic and effective background. It is the art of decorating the interior space as a room so that it is attractive, easy to use and conforms to architecture.irstly, the decor is a huge world which the cultures have a big effect on it. The difference of civilizations throughout history is characterized by:

Firstly, the decor is a huge world which the cultures have a big effect on it. The difference of civilizations throughout the history has resulted in different cultures with different manifestations of life. This aspect shows on the style of decoration from place to another, and from country to another. For example, I am an American citizen with Algerian background, I have lived in two cultures with huge differences. When I start talking about the decor in Algeria, I have to mention that there are 48 states in Algeria, and each state has its own customs and traditions. I am from a state called Tiaret, it’s in the middle. Our region is famous by handmade like knitting, pottery, sewing, and make rugs.

In second, our region is famous for the traditional furnishings where the rugs play the big role. In each house, you will find the guests rooms as the biggest room which located in the front of the house. When you entered the room, the first thing will attract your intention is that the furnishings are in the ground, there are no couches. The room furnished with a very well decorated carpet in different colors, and the table in middle. There are some squared cushions where people seat. Most of the furnishings are from wool, which our grandmothers made them by hand with traditional tools. I used to see my grandmother made rugs, cushions, and clothes by using wool. That was amazing moments in my childhood, I really miss it.

Third, the decoration has a special place in the Algerian culture, because the people back there known with generosity, hospitality, and kindness especially with guests where they have to serve them in good conditions by providing them with the necessary facilities from the food, the clothes, the place of seating and sleeping. Because of this culture of serving guests, the people care about the decorating of all the house, kitchen, living room, bathrooms… without forgetting the great effort exerted on occasions such as weddings, all the family, uncles, aunts, and cousins meet before the occasion day and start the preparations and the decorations. Really they are great moments!

Finally, when we search about the decoration in Algeria, we will find that there are several of civilizations affect it, beginning with The authentic Arab civilization and to Ottoman and the French civilizations. All those civilizations represented today on the different styles of decoration there.

In the end, I have to say that each decoration style represents a special event or culture. That is what I learned by living in the US and immigrate. Each country has its decor inspirations and its historical background, and we have to be so appreciated by those people who are creative and try to achieve our dream comfort by their products and designs. And to be proud of the cultural and civilizational diversity of each nation, and try to discover them.