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How To Add Native American or Southwestern Style to Your Home

How To Add Native American or Southwestern Style to Your Home

Native American Style Area Rug

Are you dreaming about one day owning a house that has Southwestern or Native American style area rugs that you love so much? We can give you easy ideas on how you can add that Southwestern style to your own home today. You might be dreaming about roofs with clay tiles and beautiful fountains and…

Woven Textures. Add some woven textures in beautiful hues and that will enliven the house as any Southwestern style home surely does. Woven hues look strong and portray a rich sense of fashion.


Add Rich Colors To Your Home

By choosing brighter colors for your wall paint like orange, red, royal blue, you can take pride in the Southwestern culture easily. You can also add strong tile work, which portrays the designs mainly used in the Great American Southwest. The brighter the colors of the tiles, the closer you come to your goal.


Focus on Nature

Add plants to your home. Southwestern culture is closer to nature, which is why it attracts people with a love of nature. You can add red, yellow, orange, or green sands to your home wherever you want. These will look attractive and will be charming for the guests. If you live in a hot climate, you can always welcome the plants to have a cooling effect and to look more pleasant to the eyes. You can use indoor and outdoor plants to add to the beauty of your place. For warm temperatures, you can choose cactus or Araucaria as they are easy to look after and can survive hot temperatures as well.



You can choose furniture which reflects the Southwestern culture. This should be something strong and you can choose suede leather and wool. They look nice, are easier to clean and maintain. You can use the distressed feature by adding some cracks to the paint of the furniture or sand the surface of the sofa. Southwestern furniture is heavy with strong features. Wooden logs which are bid and of substantial depth can be used as table tops and the same can be done for table and chairs. Metal decoration pieces are also the part of the culture and they give a rich and astounding appearance. Wrought Iron sculptures can also be used as interior or exterior decoration.

You can also add exterior tiles to your bedroom and kitchen which must have bold colors to depict the culture that you are willing to.

The most enticing feature which you can add to the house is terracotta pottery or baskets which are made up of fibers, grass, and leaves. Just keep nature in mind when you are refurbishing your house.

The Native American tribes have a set of beliefs which you can easily incorporate into your bedroom. Dreamcatchers is the feature which will make you come closer to the culture of Southwest. You can add a dream catcher made of a web which is entangled by feathers. The Native American tribes believe that the dream catchers catch any bad dreams on the web and the good dreams bestow on the sleeper through the soft feathers. This can be an addition to anyone’s bedroom. The southwestern culture and beliefs are so diverse that it is very difficult to store them in a single house. However, you can always add the touch!…