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Rugs, Pugs, and Management Tips

When you walk into an empty room you see potential, you imagine what could be. I call this feeling decor. When you walk into a home and the decor is set up nicely, you feel warm and almost at home with the place (if it is not already your home). Decor sets up the mood of anywhere you go. Have you ever walked into a furniture shop and they have those little bedrooms of “what if”? that is their decor, setting up the mood for you. That is the imagination running wild of “what is this going to look like in my house?”


My favorite place to go is Pier 1 Imports because, like the commercials, the objects talk to you, they almost come off of the counter when it catches your eye, and you just imagine how lovely this piece would look in your living room or bedroom.


Décor is something everybody should have, but few do, or at least few know how to find the right décor. When I imagine the right décor I always imagine some nice hardwood flooring, with a soft rug and deep dark brown couch, something pleasant and warm to look at. Of course, others have different preferences. It also seems to go off of the type of house you have and even the type of person you are. All in all, décor can make a home and by having the right decor it can make your house a home.