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Decorating My Palo Alto Apartment

I have to admit that I did not pay a substantial amount of attention to décor until I was in 6th grade. This is when my mother purchased her first home. Along with our new home, I got my own bedroom. I took pride in keeping my room cozy and beautiful and enjoyed rearranging my furniture when I was bored.

As I matured, décor played a more and more vital role in my life. I continued with the trend of keeping my bedroom as a tranquil retreat where I could relax, draw and journal. My friends and family took notice of my eye for design and I became the go-to person for interior décor advice.

My first job out of undergrad was working in a classroom with young children. I had learned about many concepts that correlated interior design with child development. As an early childhood educator, I was attentive to the type of lighting in my classroom, providing different textures for children to explore and using natural materials and calming colors to complement the social/emotional development of the young children that I cared for.

As a health and wellness enthusiast, I am intentional about making sure that my environment is conducive to my own emotional wellbeing and organized for optimal function. I also am a firm believer that you don’t have to spend much money to have a beautiful space. I purchased from garage sales, thrift stores and discounts stores with the occasional splurge.

I know that day to day, as well as, over time, your immediate environment has a tremendous impact on your personal development and wellbeing. I am an advocate of beautiful and purposeful spaces. I believe that your space can have such a massive impact on your base level of happiness every single day so you might as well make it great!